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mrsafetylion's News

Posted by mrsafetylion - February 1st, 2021

Ah hey there everyone!🥳

Welcome to my Page!

If you're visiting, you know what I do! 😃

😎Me and my team WorldHearth worked on lots of fun projects as years passed showing a dedicated team working for a simple goal of bringing people and characters more and unique art and projects we can all love!

🤩We wanna do things we enjoyed and inspired us, and wish future generations also become inspired thus continuing the cycle! We worked with lots of people that inspired us and now bring a bigger community together with more fun projects!

🥰We bring new and fresh NSFW projects from NSFW videos, parodies, original series, motion comics, original stories, fanfics, comics, games and lots of new fun ways to enjoy the stories!

❤️We hope you enjoy our projects as much as we enjoyed making them! Each project has its own unique love and twist as we make them each with care

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Thanks for supporting me! We can't wait to bring you more projects! 🥳



Posted by mrsafetylion - February 13th, 2019

The Vixens

Animation by MrSafetyLion

Concept by MrSafetyLion

Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox finally call it official. They're now dating. But one day they decided to do a movie night, and Carmelita's friend is in town.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! MrDaddyLion gives us this lovely gift!

Animation Links:


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Posted by mrsafetylion - December 24th, 2018

Zootopian Holiday
Animation by MrSafetyLion
Concept by MrSafetyLion

Hoppy Holidays!
Ah Ho Ho Hoy There! Safety Clause here with your 2nd Holidays Gift! I went with a switch and released this one first instead of the other project, here you go kids, enjoy!

Celebrate the holidays with Zootopia’s best officers! Having a holidays off, what better way than to celebrate it in the best holiday resort to be in! LyonHearth Island!

Animation Links:





Posted by mrsafetylion - December 4th, 2018

The Lion and The Vixen
Animation by MrSafetyLion
Concept by MrSafetyLion

The Lion King Simba and Starfox pilot Krystal went in a party, but somehow, some way, maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the long time not being intimate with their partners, or maybe it’s the drink. All in all, it ends up in a secret these two must keep but will remember forever.

Animation Link


Posted by mrsafetylion - December 4th, 2018

Ah hey there everyone!

With the internet being big and lots of projects being seen, we do need to expand our horizons once in a while. We need to keep moving and keep evolving with the standards.

This is actually a really really nostalgic feeling to be back here in newgrounds, I was the type of person back in the days in school days when computer class is going, I would sneak in this site in a tab after working, I played all the classic games from johnny rocket fingers, line riders, watched egoraptor's re4 to metal gear awesome series, and even played lotsa nsfw games from hentai girl 1-4 and up to dating games XD. That's how you know how long I've been roaming the nsfw internets back in the days.

Seeing Newgrounds has evolved into something cleaner looking and a great haven for artists, it feels good to know there's still more sites for artists to shine other than deviantart or youtube. Let's hope lots of things to be amazing for the future.

In terms of who I am, I'm ok to actually start from now on what projects I'll be doing, I spend the year of 2017 learning multiple styles and stuff, learning how nsfw sites work, learning how to make my own name and even starting my own posts. Now after around a complete year, I still feel there's a lot more to learn, and it would be a great experience knowing how little I know in this time of 2018.

For those who know what I do, I do lotsa furry nsfw projects. Mostly 3d, in terms of 2d, I just know classic flash game hentai like hentai girl style, I know how to do classic frame by frame, by it's not easy without a great tab and pen. Back in the days, it's really really hard to find the best animated porn, we were stuck with really stiff 3d japanese porn up to flash porn games that click slow medium fast, now with the surge of newer programs, it's just an amazing time to love nsfw.